Torrentula Bucket

Por anos, o Bambi Bucket tem sido a arma de escolha
mundial para combate ao fogo por via aérea. Agora as
Indústrias Sei rompem um novo campo com o Bambi
Bucket usando a válvula moderna de despejamento
rápido, Torrentula , à qual faz o Bambi Bucket ser muito
mais que uma arma mortífera. Este inovador efeito
rápido, válvula eficiente que permite ao operador
precisão implacável com múltiplas quedas e/ou
proporções de escoamento variáveis. Este novo Bambi
Bucket não demonstra nenhuma misericórdia quando
ataca numerosos focos de fogo!

Bambi PowerFill Snorkel

add rapid shallow-fill capability to your bambi bucket®. Fight fires faster, more efficiently and at a lower
cost – use the Bambi Powerfill™ to fill your Bambi Bucket® to maximum capacity from almost any water
source. Just a one-foot (30 cm) depth of water is all that’s required for the Bambi Powerfill™ to replenish your
Bambi Bucket®, letting you fill up quickly from tanks, streams or ponds with minimal debris uptake. No need
to waste fuel and flight time searching for suitable water sources – simply use the Bambi Powerfill™. 

Bambi Bucket

The Bambi Bucket is a proven, helicopter-borne
integrated firefighting system in service worldwide and
manufactured by SEI Industries, based near Vancouver,
Canada. Lightweight, tough and easily stowed, the
Bambi Bucket has proven itself as the most powerful and
effective weapon for aerial fire suppression work. This
foam compatible bucket system includes an outward
opening dump valve which allows a solid column of
water or foam to be dropped on targets with absolute

Aqualanche Bucket

Multi-drop capability. One of the latest additions to the Bambi family, the Aqualanche bridges the gap
between the Bambi Bucket and the Torrentula. Medium sized helicopters can now have the precision of
multiple dump capabilities along with the low power requirements of the Bambi Bucket.
Available as: • a complete bucket including aqualanche valve
a retrofit kit to upgrade Bambi Bucket models BB1518 to BB4453 

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