1.1.History of the Company

Founded in 1993 with headquarters in the municipality of Loulé, Algarve, Portugal , the Globalterra dedicated its business exclusively to the import of various articles from the United States such as the "Magic Shade":

1995 was a major milestone 

for  the future of Globalterra as the company achieved the exclusive representation in Portugal of the products made by  the Canadian company SEI Industries (http://www.sei-ind.com/) with the power  to market products that support forest firefighting. This shift in market specialization and fighting fires laid the roots of which still remains the core business of Globalterra.

In 1998 increased its portfolio by importing vehicles
to the national market.

From 2000 to 2003:

At the beginning of the millennium, using all the know-how and credibility acquired from companies involved in firefighting by aircraft, Globalterra significantly increased its turnover, as it was the first time in Portugal that the helicopter MI8 MTV was operated in forest fire-fighting, Globalterra marketed not only traditional systems Bambi Buckets as well as the innovative system Bambi Bucket with Valve Torrentula provided by SEI Industries Ltd, Canada.In this period it had as its main customers were the National Fire Service, Aeronorte Transportes Aéreos S.A., and Heliportugal S.A.

From 2004 to 2010:

Leveraging the economic situation and based on diversification, Globalterra applied to
register the company in the property sector is changing its name Globalterra - Promotion and Real Estate, Ltd.
During this period the company dedicated part of its activity to the marketing of agricultural land mainly in Northern zone (Braga) but also of urban residences built from scratch by Globalterra – Promoção e Mediação Imobiliaria, Lda.
The Globalterra continued to expand sales of cars and bambi buckets, having an active participation in the restoration of the Rural Tourism Resort  Solar Rabal,  located in the Parque de Montesinho in Bragança.

From 2010 until today:

With the financial and economic crisis installed, Globalterra developed into a company purely dedicated to the Import and Export of products, and was registered as an exporter of  food products in the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal and wine at the Institute of Vine and Wine, IP in order to enable the company access  to the  European and Overseas markets including Asian countries to sell traditional Portuguese products like wine and olive oil.

Currently after twenty years since its founding, Globalterra is a company with a solid reputation in the marketing, operating primarily in the market for fire fighting equipment, import of cars, tourist exploitation of the Solar Rabal and export of food products. With this range of the product portfolio, representations and markets, Globalterra continues to solidify its position and stability.

1.2 Objectives of the Company
Globalterra is a private company and as such, it  is present in the market to add value. Profit is its goal, not forgetting for a moment the satisfaction of its customers as a direct result of the work of a motivated team, know-how that aspires to achieve by implementing measures and innovative projects, the practice of a policy  competitive pricing and excellent customer-supplier relationship. From the perspective of modern management, Globaterra’s  2.0 Culture is recognized by the market results of  its excellent relationship with its partners.
In the medium / long term, Globalterra intends to continue to achieve sustainable development, boost the market with a steady and profitable business offering a variety of services.

1.3. Mission, Vision and Values
Globalterra The first mission is to find solutions in the global market for the needs of our customers, with main focus on niches where we are holding high know-how.
Our vision leads us to aspire to be a company recognized in the markets where we operate, always with the perspective that quality overrides quantity.
We are guided by values ​​such as ethics, competence, transparency, social responsibility, taking an integrated view of what the global market and its demands.

1.4. Portfolio of products and services represented:
Promotion and real estate, construction and public works. Maintenance of houses, pools and green spaces. Import, export, trade and representation of large varieties of goods, aircraft, model aircraft, automobiles, pleasure boats and their respective accessories and parts, manufacturing and installation of gas kits, fuel and lubricants, food and natural creams , vitamins, clothing and footwear, sports goods, exploitation of water and juices-food, water composition with oxygen, bottling and sales, supply of machinery, filters and other products related to purification and bottling of water and juices. Supply of equipment for aircraft and other products to fight wildfires. Manufacture of aircraft, including aerial work fighting forest fires, treatments agro-forestry, fertilizer, suspended load, aerial survey, vertical and oblique aerial photography, construction and inspection of power lines, search and rescue, detection of fish shoals and combat pollution and provision of their respective products and equipment. Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and aircraft.